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Tenant Credit Check & Tenant Criminal Check

October 27th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Tenant Credit Checks, Tenant Criminal Checks

Kingston Landlords Tenant Credit Check Tenant Criminal Check

Tenant Screening is the Key to Success, Including Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks

Being a private residential landlord can be a very exciting (and profitable experience).

We’ve ready lots of stories of successful Kingston landlords.

We are home to one of Canada’s best universities and our city is growing.

Landlord Challenges

There are also lots of challenges for landlords in Kingston and all over Ontario.

Let’s face it. The laws are simply unfair.

Unlike other provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta, the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act doesn’t allow residential landlords to charge a damage deposit.

This means tenants have ‘no skin in the game’ when they move out.

If they owe thousands of dollars in rent or damages they can simply leave.

What Can You Do With Tenants Who Leave Owing you Money?

Your only option is Small Claims Court.

Some Ontario landlords have succeeded suing their tenants in Small Claims Court. There was an excellent story at the Ontario Landlords Association site recently.

All landlords should read it. Those thinking of becoming landlords should also take a careful look.

The small claims court process can be a long and expensive journey even finding your deadbeat tenants to serve him or her the paperwork to start the legal process.

The Key For Landlord Success Is Tenant Screening

Success or failure begins before you hand over the keys.

Since the City of Kingston is now promoting people to become residential landlords this advice might seem a bit radical or even paranoid.

It’s not.

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board is not fair. It’s extremely pro ‘bad tenant’ and treats landlords as profit-hungry monsters.

It doesn’t matter if you are the best, most honest landlord out there who provides the best, cleanest, prettiest property at an affordable price. The Landlord and Tenant Board will instantly view you as the worst, most evil slumlord know to mankind.

How Can You Find Good Tenants?

The key is tenant screening.

This means doing very thorough research on a potential tenant.

Remember evicting a bad tenants in Ontario can take months and cost you thousands of dollars.

Tenant Credit Check

Always do a tenant credit check.

A credit check can show you if your potential tenant pays the bills on time.

There is no “ifs, ands, and buts” with a credit check. You will see if they pay what they should pay.

There are some really crappy companies out there offering a tenant credit check.

Make sure you do a FULL credit report from GARDA.

Tenant Criminal Check

Nowadays you should also do a tenant criminal check.

This will protect you and also protect your other tenants and neighbours.

Where Can I Do Premium Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks?

The Ontario Landlords Association provides you with these tools for a terrific price.

Make sure you do a Tenant Credit Check before handing over the keys!

Kingston Landlords Make Sure You Find Great Tenants by Doing Tenant Credit Checks and Tenant Criminal Checks.

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