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Landlord Question: Should I Buy My Good Tenants A Christmas Gift?

December 12th, 2013 · No Comments · Kingston Landlords, Property Management

 Kingston landlords gifts for good tenants

It’s a question that comes up every December.

And you won’t get any answer from the ‘Help for Landlords’ section at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

And with so many new landlords coming in Kingston since the legal became to create paths for legal suites it’s a question that many people here are also asking (or going to ask).

Here’s the situation:

A landlord has a nice rental property and rents it to some really good tenants.

The tenants pay the rent on time. They treat the property with great care…like it’s their own.

They are polite and respectful to the landlord.

Should The Landlord Give a Gift To Their Good Tenants?

This was the question from a new landlord who posted in the Ontario Landlords Association forum.

BrendaD explained her current situation.

She and her husband are new, first time landlords.

Her first tenants didn’t work out and they left after only two months.

She has new tenants: a single mother with two children. Unlike the last tenants this single mother and her kids have been ideal.

BrendaD wants to show her appreciation. She also knows the single mum is on a tight budget and some gifts would likely be appreciated and help her out during Christmas (and make her kids happy).

She is thinking of giving the Mother a gift card of some type.

Maybe a gift card to a restaurant such as Montana’s or Swiss Chalet.

Or a card for a nice shoe store or even Canadian Tire or Walmart or Target.

Nothing extravagant, but a night out at a restaurant that is easy to get to in Kingston.

She was thinking of getting some toys at Toys ‘R’ Us for the two children.

Are There Any Potential Pitfalls in Giving Good Tenants Gifts?

According the Ontario Landlords Association pitfalls do exist.

For example:

1. What if the tenants don’t celebrate Christmas and get offended?

We live in a multicultural society and landlords in Toronto and the GTA should be particularly sensitive.

2. Some tenants might see your gift giving as ‘showing off your wealth’

3. It could lead to your tenants thinking they need charity

Kingston Landlords What Do You Think?

Will you give your good tenants gifts this holiday?  Is it a good idea from Brenda to give gifts?

You can vote on the Ontario Landlord forum and give your advice to Brenda and landlords all over Canada.

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